Pharmacist Prescribing of Hormonal Contraceptives: An Advanced Training

Pharmacist Prescribing of Hormonal Contraceptives: An Advanced Training

This course prepares pharmacists to identify eligible patients, prescribe, and dispense hormonal contraceptives. Patient considerations such as discussing pharmacotherapy and over-the-counter options, counseling, documentation, reporting, and monitoring are discussed, allowing pharmacists to improve the quality of women’s health through increased access and collaboration.

*This course meets the requirements for pharmacist prescribing of self-administered hormonal contraceptives as outlined in the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy regulation 13.39-14.7.

Upon successful completion of this application-based CPE course, pharmacists should be able to:
1. Discuss the current landscape creating opportunities for pharmacists’ distribution of contraceptives
2. Discuss various forms of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic contraceptive products
3. List the steps within the pharmacy that are necessary to prescribe hormonal contraception
4. Identify barriers to contraceptive use and their impact on patients and communities
5. Describe the role pharmacy teams can play in increasing access and safe use of contraceptives
6. Address concerns posed by medical doctors, patients, and pharmacy staff regarding pharmacist prescribing of hormonal contraception
7. Review the contraceptive mechanisms of action of progesterone and estrogen
8. Discuss various medical conditions that require treatment with hormonal contraceptives
9. Compare and contrast the hormonal content of contraceptive products
10. Discuss how patient specific considerations can affect contraception product selection
11. Review side effects associated with either a hormonal excess or deficiency related to contraceptive use
12. Apply the Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use (MEC) based on patient-specific factors
13. Identify patient risks and contraindications associated with contraceptive use
14. Discuss the various contraceptive product formulations and considerations for their use
15. Describe counseling points for each contraceptive formulation
16. Discuss motivators and barriers of starting a pharmacist prescribing hormonal contraception service
17. Describe development, initiation, and implementation strategies for offering a hormonal contraception service in a pharmacy setting
18. Explain the criteria for evaluating and adapting a prescribing hormonal contraception service to the needs of the community
19. Identify patient scenarios where pharmacists may prescribe hormonal contraception
20. Select appropriate hormonal contraception for eligible patients based on screening questionnaires and patient preferences
21. Counsel a patient on the appropriate administration of hormonal contraceptives
22. Evaluate patients for potential adverse events related to hormonal contraceptive use

Alexis Ireland, PharmD, RPh
University of Iowa Center for Advanced Reproductive Care
Clinic Pharmacist – Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist

Raven Jackson, PharmD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy

Kelsey Schwander, PharmD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Rhonda Bilger, PharmD
CEimpact Education 

All faculty have no relevant financial relationships with ineligible companies to disclose. 

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Course is non-refundable.
Initial Release Date: January 15, 2023
Planned Expiration Date: January 15, 2026  

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