Community Health Worker Training

Pharmacy Technicians trained as Community Health Workers improve health outcomes, reduce overall healthcare costs, and expand pharmacy-based services.

CEimpact is the #1 trusted resource for pharmacy based Community Health Worker training.

Health inequity is the largest driver of poor health outcomes.

Disparities drive up healthcare costs and negatively impact every community.

Driven by social determinants of health (SDoH) – the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, where we live and are educated – health equity is the number one priority in health care.

If left unaddressed, health inequity will become a $1 trillion problem by 2040. 

Who Pays the Price of Complacency?


Patients, communities, pharmacists, providers, health systems, insurance companies, and other payers. It is EVERYONE’s problem.

Community pharmacies are an anchor in their communities and powerful allies to improve health equity and reduce healthcare spend. 

They are accessible, trusted resources for patients, and staffed with community experts. Community pharmacies are uniquely positioned to identify and address issues negatively impacting their patients that lead to health inequities.

At CEimpact, we understand the challenges health inequities present for patients and health care.

Community Pharmacies Are A Solution.

Our goal is to equip every pharmacy with a Community Health Worker.

Together, we will:

Improve health outcomes for patients
Strengthen communities
Support pharmacies in delivering critical services
Alleviate the burden of healthcare costs on society

Who are Pharmacy-Based Community Health Workers?

Pharmacy-based CHWs are frontline public health workers who connect individuals and families to services and information to improve their health.

Trusted Community Members

Pharmacy-based CHWs are trusted members of their communities with a deep understanding of those they serve


Pharmacy-based CHWs connect health and social services to patients and community members


Pharmacy-based CHWs help individuals effectively communicate with other healthcare providers + agencies

Capacity Builders

Pharmacy-based CHWs build individual and community capacity through outreach, education, and support

Health Promoters and Educators

Pharmacy-based CHWs can develop and support programs that improve the health of their communities

What Can A Pharmacy-Based CHW Do?

Through CEimpact’s Pharmacy-based Community Health Worker Training, pharmacy technicians build a network of community services, connect patients to needed resources, and support revenue-generating health equity services such as:

• Health equity screenings 

• Self-monitoring blood pressure education 

• Diabetes education  

• Chronic disease management education 

• Care coordination 

• Vaccine hesitancy screenings 

• Asthma screenings 

• Home visits 

And more . . . 

Meet Your Faculty Experts

Our faculty experts are driving health equity work across the country and include:

  • Independent pharmacy owners
  • Managers of clinically integrated networks
  • Clinical coordinators
  • Pharmacy technicians trained as Community Health Workers
  • And others . . .

They do this work every day and want to train you to do it too!

Meredith (Meredy) Ayers
Development Specialist, Bremo Pharmacy
Bianca Daisy-Bell
Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services, SEMO Rx
Annie Eisenbeis
PharmD, MBA
Director of Practice Development, Missouri Pharmacy Association
Lacy Epperson
Director of Pharmacy Clinical Services, Mitchell’s Drug Stores
Jake Galdo
CEO, Seguridad
Michelle Garvin
Owner, Vice President, Wester Drugs, Inc.
Joshua Kinsey
Vice President, Education, CEimpact
Cindy Litterst
Community Healthcare Worker, Country Mart Pharmacy #2151
Richard Logan, Jr.,
Owner, L & S Pharmacy
Tripp Logan
Vice President, SEMO Rx Pharmacies and Care Coordination
Ashley Stone
PharmD, BA, CHW
Education Coordinator, Missouri Pharmacy Association
Carson Von Alst
Executive Fellow, Missouri Pharmacy Association

How Pharmacy Technician CHWs Help Pharmacies

• Achieve better health for patients 

• Strengthen their communities 

• Develop revenue-generating services 

• Ensure sustainability in their community

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Real Technicians. Real Reviews.

"I am the Remote Patient Monitoring Program Manager for our clinics and pharmacies. I had a patient whose blood sugar was staying abnormally low. After seeing this trend and speaking to the patient she opened up to me that she did not have any food in her home. I was able to coordinate a food resources for her. She has been stable since.​"

Amy Martin Primary Plus - Vanceburg, KY

"What an amazing experience to discover all the countless resources in my community!!!​

I am so grateful to have gone through the training and reach out and connect with so many organizations that I can refer patients to. It's changed the way I think, communicate, and interact with our patients."

Abigail Hoefling​ Hesston Pharmacy - Newton, KS

"I learned a lot in regard to how to identify different SDOH while having a conversation with patients, asking questions to help me identify what types of additional resources they might need, and then being able to provide that contact and help them navigate filling out forms, etc. to get additional assistance." ​

Jennifer Powell Gibbs Pharmacy - Lebanon, TN

"My pharmacy sits on the border of two very different counties with very different resources. It's been an enlightening experience to observe the differences in resources available to patients from both counties. Being able to provide direction for patients needing support - everything from a safe place to sleep to local food pantries and where to access free rental computers and internet - means that in my role as a technician, I'll be able to provide better care to members of my community.​"

Presley Sandoval Duvall Family Drug - Duvall, WA

"In taking this course, I have been given a golden opportunity to network resources within my community. I am now confident that I can quickly assess and address my patients' needs and get them the help they need. This [could include] helping them to find a new job, necessary mediation over a dispute, a place to wash their clothes, or even a meal for the night. I look forward to sharing my knowledge within my pharmacy and throughout our community.​"

Rachel Dalsky​ Hart Pharmacy - Cincinnati, OH

"During my service-learning experience, I have made connections with all sorts of agencies, joined a local prevention coalition, and made many new friends along the way. I have learned that there is a great need in my community - BUT, there is also an abundance of people, programs, and organizations available to help with social determinants [of health]. Now that I have this knowledge, I feel blessed to be a liaison between my patients and the help they may need to live their healthiest lives.​"

Stacey Hayes Young Pharmacy - Crossville, TN


Our expert solutions inform business growth decisions to incorporate and utilize Community Health Workers (CHW) in pharmacy practice. We'll share insights to successfully deliver health equity services, enhance the well-being of communities, and increase profitability and sustainability of community pharmacies.

Without Pharmacy-Based Community Health Workers, communities will have:

Poor Outcomes for Patients

Health Inequity

Continued skyrocketing health care costs

Don’t let that happen.

Invest in Pharmacy-based Community Health Workers TODAY.

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