Pass the NAPLEX™

Study strategies to build your confidence and pass the NAPLEX® the first time.

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  • What's Included

    - A must-have calculations refresher

    - Effective study strategies that can be applied across all therapeutic topic areas

    - Essential test-taking tips

    - Q&A with expert faculty

    - Generic and trade name list

    - Controlled substance drug list

    Proven Results

    “Had taken NAPLEX® several times. Your remedial course assisted me, and I finally passed. Thanks for all your assistance.”

    “I was so stressed on how to get ready for NAPLEX® & MPJE®. Your reviews gave me the organized method for getting there. Thank you.”

    “I usually struggle with standardized exams. You helped me organize my study efforts for NAPLEX® & MPJE®, and I passed.”

    Let By Faculty Experts

    Bill Feinberg, RPh, MBA​, President, W-F Professional Associates, Inc, (WFPA), is a career educator who has worked with thousands of candidates in helping to prepare them for NAPLEX® & MPJE® exams.​

    Vincent Mauro, PharmD, FCCP​, Professor Emeritus, University of Toledo College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences is an expert in coaching students for successful preparation for the clinical components of the NAPLEX®.​

    Are You?

  • Anxious about passing the NAPLEX®?
  • Looking at social media and other unreliable sources for tips on how to pass?
  • Feeling overwhelmed on where to start, who to trust, and what to focus on?
  • Setting up meetings with faculty and advisors to learn about the best way to pass the NAPLEX® and MPJE® exams?
  • Take control of your study plan and enroll now!

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    Group rates available.

    The NAPLEX is a Mental Game.

    Help your students take charge of their mindset during standardized tests and be more confident.

    We got you. Pass the NAPLEX™ + MPJE™ gives your students the guidance and support they need to pass.

    National passing rates on the NAPLEX® and MPJE® are decreasing at an alarming rate.

    Faculty are stretched. The curriculum is packed. And students who navigated the COVID-19 pandemic face unique challenges that are likely to impact their ability to be successful on these exams. What worked before is NOT working today.

    CEimpact has partnered with W-F Professional Associates and David Brushwood to develop resources to help your students achieve success on both the NAPLEX® and MPJE® . . . the first time. Invest in your students now to save them costly reviews and potential delays in their new careers as pharmacists and residents.

    NAPLEX® is a registered trademark owned by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Review Courses provided by CEimpact, W-F Professional Associates, Inc. or any of their affiliates are not recommended, certified or endorsed by NABP.

    Questions, answers or scenarios presented in the reviews are in no manner claimed to be similar to nor are they intended to represent similarities to any questions, answers or scenarios that appear on any pharmacy licensure examinations. If similarities exist, they are due to coincidence. Questions, answers, or scenarios have been developed to concentrate on reviews of significant concepts related to contemporary practice, and may include, but are not limited to, drug therapy, therapeutics, disease management, pharmacokinetics, pharmacy calculations, pharmacy law and statutes, or other relevant topics. It is against the provider’s policies to solicit information from anyone about actual questions or topics on any licensure examinations. Volunteering of such information is prohibited. Questions are a guide to the associated study materials only.

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  • Haven’t yet taken the MPJE® and need a reliable study resource, or
  • Are a practicing pharmacist seeking reciprocity in another state . . .
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