Our Mission

At CEimpact, we believe pharmacy teams enhance the health and wellness of patients and communities. We create continuing education that develops and inspires pharmacists and technicians throughout their careers.

Our Core Vaues

Deliver WOW

Aim to make people say “WOW – CEimpact is the best CE provider” 

Be Great

Strive for exceptional quality in everything we do  

Lead Learning

Embrace new ideas and technologies to advance pharmacy education  

Make An Impact

Empower pharmacy professionals to take control of their learning journey 

At CEimpact, we believe pharmacy teams exist to enhance the health and wellness of all patients. Our philosophy is to promote diversity while ensuring equity, inclusion, and belonging of all.

We do our best each day to represent and grow an equitable business by:

1. Cultivating a workplace that allows each person to bring their best self

2. Facilitating subject matter experts that represent all persons

3. Educating, developing, and inspiring pharmacists and technicians to care for all persons

CE for Pharmacy Professionals
Partner Schools of Pharmacy
Hours of CE created for By Design Memberships
CE Accredited through Partnerships

What We Do

Who We Are
Pharmacy school is just a few short years, but professional careers can span a lifetime.   At CEimpact, our goal is to fill the gap between education and practice. We guide pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to design their best career through education.  
What Makes Us Different
We are CE Experts  According to Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. Not only are we beyond experts by this definition, we hire experts who bring real-world practice experience to the table. CEimpact education is led by experts and it’s obvious in our quality.   We embody Excellence  From the diversity and accessibility of our education to our exceptional customer service, we aim to make you say “WOW”. Our quality is unmatched and our service is second to none.  Our Experience outshines the rest  With over 30 years’ experience as an outstanding ACPE-accredited provider, we have a proven process that is the most efficient and effective on the market. We’ve perfected our systems, and we’ll make it look like you have too. 
Our Commitment
ACPE-accredited since the late 1980’s, CEimpact’s reputation in the industry is unparalleled.   Each year, our team of pharmacists and educators work to: 
  • Accredit over 900 hours of CPE
  • Educate more than 72,000 learners 
  • Release 100 podcasts on game-changing pharmacy topics with more than 50,000 downloads 
  • Create custom CE for members/customers of McKesson, Hy-Vee, Albertsons, NCPDP + more  
  • Partner with 85 Schools of Pharmacy 
  • Provide joint provider accreditation services for more than 50 organizations  
  • License custom and branded learning management systems 
  • Our Education
    By Design™ Memberships provide pharmacists and pharmacy technicians what they need AND WANT for their lifelong learning journey. Meet licensure and recertification requirements, while designing their best pharmacy career.  Impact Courses are advanced trainings and certificate courses designed to develop expertise and help professionals stand out among their peers.