Supply Chain and Inventory Management Skills Training for Pharmacy Technicians

Supply Chain and Inventory Management Skills Training for Pharmacy Technicians

Managing supply chain and product inventory in the pharmacy is an important role. This course prepares pharmacy technicians to take on this important responsibility through training on regulations that ensure product safety, required inventory documentation and record keeping, and the role of suppliers and supply chain entities.

Upon successful completion of this application-based CPE course, pharmacy technicians should be able to:
1. Recognize the regulatory agencies that register or license supply chain entities
2. Identify specific regulations that apply to the sale and purchase of prescription products
3. Describe the different types of suppliers, including limitations on their ability to obtain and/or sell products
4. Authenticate suppliers as legitimate
5. Identify risky situations that increase the chance of receiving counterfeit or illegitimate products
6. Discuss health-system use of obtaining products outside of a wholesaler or manufacturer (white/brown bagging, etc.)
7. Demonstrate when obtaining products from another pharmacy is allowed
8. Calculate days supply or turn rates of inventory
9. Describe different types of inventory management strategies
10. Explain the process to perform and document inventories of controlled substances
11. Recognize suspicious signs that received product may be diverted or illegitimate
12. Assess documentation including transaction data to determine product authenticity
13. Demonstrate appropriate steps to take when a product is suspicious and may be illegitimate

Denise Frank, BPharm, RPh, FACA
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Course is non-refundable.
Initial Release Date: July 15, 2022
Planned Expiration Date: July 15, 2025

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