Advanced Certificate in Risk Management for Pharmacy Residents

Advanced Certificate in Risk Management for Pharmacy Residents

Regulatory non-compliance and errors of negligence are typically spoken of in hushed terms among healthcare professionals, yet they are a reality of all healthcare practices. Promote your own success and protect you and your patients from the consequences of legal violations for years to come through this regulatory compliance certificate designed specifically for pharmacy residents.

Upon successful completion of this course, pharmacy residents should be able to:
1. List the basic legal requirements applicable to practicing pharmacists.
2. Discuss the responsibility of institutional pharmacists to consult with prescribers regarding medication orders that place a patient at risk of an adverse drug event.
3. Describe the difference between pharmacist responsibilities related to innovative drug therapy and experimentation with human subjects.
4. Explain the criteria used to evaluate the safety of an unapproved new drug placed into interstate commerce.
5. Review legal requirements applicable to the approval of new drugs and withdrawal of approval if unanticipated adverse outcomes have occurred.
6. Explain the mechanism through which post-marketing surveillance programs detect and address problems with drug therapy.
7. Explain regulatory aspects of off-label use and off-label promotion of approved drugs.
8. Formulate a program to comply with legal requirements applicable to extemporaneous compounding by pharmacists.
9. Provide consultation to patients in a manner that reflects regulatory compliance and malpractice liability avoidance.
10. Provide documentation in the patient care record in a manner that reflects regulatory compliance and malpractice liability avoidance. 

David B. Brushwood, R.Ph, J.D.
Senior Lecturer, The University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy
Pharmacy Law Content Developer, CEimpact

David B. Brushwood does not report any actual or potential conflicts of interest in relation to this continuing pharmacy education course. 

Fee includes course and course materials.
Release Date: July 1, 2021
Planned Expiration Date: July 1, 2024

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