Pharmacy-Based Hearing Aids: A Sound Solution

Pharmacy-Based Hearing Aids: A Sound Solution

In the US, hearing loss is one of the most common physical conditions, occurring more frequently than diabetes or cancer. It is estimated that about 38 million people (15%) over the age of 18 experience some degree of bilateral hearing loss, with more than 25 million in the mild hearing loss category. Nearly half of those older than 75 have difficulty hearing. The number of people with hearing loss is expected to continue to rise because of the aging population. However, hearing aid adoption rates remain low, around 30% amongst treatable populations, making hearing loss one of the most under-addressed health issues.

Upon successful completion of this application-based CPE course, pharmacy technicians should be able to:
1. Define hearing loss and causes of hearing loss.
2. Explain the consequences of hearing loss to the patient and society.
3. Review the 2017 OTC Hearing Aid Act legislation and hearing aid (HA) regulations.
4. Collaborate with pharmacy team members and hearing health professionals to support the hearing loss patient.
5. Review how the hearing and auditory system functions.
6. Recognize the psychology of the hearing loss patient and why and when they seek treatment.
7. Use appropriate tools to conduct screenings to determine OTC HA eligibility.
8. Compare and contrast prescription and OTC HA features.
9. Demonstrate the proper technique for using an OTC HA.
10. Discuss motivators and barriers of starting a hearing aid (HA) service in the pharmacy.
11. Create action plans to develop, initiate, and implement an OTC HA service in a pharmacy setting.
12. List ways to market HAs and a HA service.
13. Explain the criteria for evaluating and adapting a HA service to the needs of the community. 

Rhonda Bilger, PharmD, RPh
Manager, Product Education

Chris Holmes
Licensed Hearing Aid Provider, HearRx
Owner, Capitol Heights Pharmacy

Rhonda Bilger and Chris Holmes have no relevant financial relationships with ineligible companies to disclose. 

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Course is non-refundable.
Initial Release Date: August 1, 2023
Planned Expiration Date: August 1, 2026

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