Test and Treat Training

for Pharmacists

A 10-hour advanced training to master skills and meet requirements to administer point-of-care tests and prescribe medications for patients.

Provide frontline healthcare for acute illness and collaboratively manage chronic conditions

Help Your Patients

  • Not have to wait in long urgent care waiting rooms
  • Get quick access to point of care tests
  • Access one-stop for tests and treatments for common, acute illnesses
  • Manage chronic conditions through data-driven healthcare
  • Be more adherent to medications with access to their numbers
  • Fill in the gaps between primary care provider appointments

Advanced Your Practice

  • Expand your skillset
  • Provide more services
  • Be an innovative provider
  • Elevate your value to prescribers
  • Be more adherent to medications with access to their numbers
  • Advance patient care
  • Bring more money to your practice3

Meet Your Expert Faculty

Brett Barker, PharmD
Anthony J. Bolus, PharmD, RPh
Julie Breuer, PharmD Candidate, University of Iowa
Alex Evans, PharmD, MBA
Michele Fountain, PharmD
John A Galdo, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCGP
David Hachey, PharmD, AAHIVP
Monica Nikseresht, PharmD Candidate 2021, Drake University
Alexis Page, PharmD
Kathryn Schott, PhD
Elizabeth Skoy, PharmD, RP

No one wants to wait in long urgent care lines. Give your patients access to services through your accessible pharmacy practice