CE training course for Pharmacy Technicians

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Earn a Regulatory Compliance Specialist Badge with our 15-hour advanced training course to be THE regulatory compliance specialist in your pharmacy

Most violations happen because pharmacists and technicians don’t know laws and regulations Whether you're the legal specialist in the pharmacy, on a board of pharmacy, or on a committee that oversees compliance and regulation, this course give you the expertise you need.

Become a Regulatory Compliance Specialist to:

Explain the pharmacy technician’s legal responsibilities in the pharmacy

Understand pharmacy regulations including state, drug safety, and controlled substances

Know how expanded patient care services impact liability

Mitigate practice risks and liabilities

Help the pharmacy stay compliant

Avoid regulatory violations

Meet Your Faculty Experts

David B. Brushwood, R.Ph, J.D.
Senior Lecturer, The University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy
Pharmacy Law Content Developer, CEimpact

Professor Emeritus of Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy, University of Florida College of Pharmacy
Senior Lecture, University of Wyoming College of Pharmacy

David Brushwood is a pharmacist attorney who has taught pharmacy law for more than 30 years and mentored students in MPJE prep throughout.

Every pharmacy needs a regulatory specialist

Become a Regulatory Compliance Specialist so you can help your pharmacy stay safe and responsive to regulatory changes