Pharmacogenomics Intro + Certificate Course


Many factors can influence how we respond to a medication including age, lifestyle, and our genetic makeup. Patients may suffer for months and years before an effective treatment plan is realized.

Pharmacogenomics can guide treatment so therapy can be personalized to improve patient care more quickly and effectively.

Pharmacogenomics_Pharmacists Course

This 1 hour on-demand CE course is a gateway for pharmacists who wish to expand their practice to include pharmacogenomic testing and analysis to improve care for their patients. 


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This 1 hour on-demand CE course is a gateway for prescribers who wish to effectively and safely incorporate pharmacogenomic testing and analysis in their practice to improve care for their patients.


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Non-optimized medication therapy costs over $500 billion annually to the United States, which is more than the actual spending on medications. The interindividual variable of pharmacologic agents may vary more than 1000-fold.  One opportunity to better optimize medications is through the use of precision medicine - pharmacogenomics. 

Pharmacogenomics: A Training for Pharmacists
8 hours of Continuing Pharmacy Education  |  $299


CEimpact's 8 hour certificate course is broken up in to 10 learning activities to guide you through applying pharmacogenomics to your practice.  The course is designed to be practical and takes an evidence-based approach.

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Four content experts have come together to create this course using a practical, evidence-based approach designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively integrate pharmacogenomics into your practice.