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Pharmacist Law Bundles

Advanced Certificates for Pharmacists

Earn an Advanced Certificate to advance your knowledge and your career.

  • Pharmacist-in-Charge Bootcamp

  • Remedial Pharmacy Law Review

  • Risk Management for Pharmacy Residents

Pharmacist-in-Charge Bootcamp

This course is a deep dive into the important responsibilities undertaken by any pharmacist who accepts the position of pharmacist-in-charge (PIC). The Pharmacist-in-Charge is the person regulators turn to when there is a complaint of unlawful activity in the pharmacy. Prepare yourself for this role - whether you are in it now or plan to be - by knowing how to mitigate your risk through systems, policies and procedures, and other proactive strategies.

Remedial Pharmacy Law Review

This course is a review and update on laws enforced by the FDA, DEA, and State Boards of Pharmacy. You’ll learn practical ways to stay up to date with regulatory changes that impact your license and strategies to avoid regulatory violations. Take this course to mitigate your risk and commit to an ethical, responsible, and professional practice guided by pharmacy law and ethics.

Risk Management for Pharmacy Residents

Regulatory non-compliance and errors of negligence are typically spoken of in hushed terms among healthcare professionals, yet they are a reality of all healthcare practices. Promote your own success and protect you and your patients from the consequences of legal violations for years to come through this regulatory compliance certificate designed specifically for pharmacy residents.


David Brushwood, JD, RPh

David Brushwood is a lawyer-pharmacist, well known in the pharmacy profession for his lifetime of work educating pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy students on the importance of understanding and applying laws and regulations in pharmacy practice. His particular interests are in the areas of pain management policy, patient safety regulation, and pharmacist professional responsibility.

David is also Professor Emeritus of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy in the Master of Science in Health Services Administration online program.

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