Joint Providership Accreditation – Terms of Service

Customer/Joint Provider Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate the content and speakers for the CPE activity(ies).
  2. Provide speaker guidance and support speakers in the development of course goals, learning objectives, active learning methods, and assessment of learning.
  3. Manage speaker honorariums (and travel and expenses where appropriate).
  4. Manage speaker administrative tasks such as securing speaker agreements and disclosure statements in accordance with required timelines.
  5. Manage draft presentations, the peer review process, and final presentation content
  6. Provide feedback to speakers following the activity (provided by CEimpact to Customer/Joint Provider).
  7. Comply with the ACPE Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education
  8. Comply with ACPE standards relative to activity announcements (Exhibit B) and provide any materials promoting the CPE activity(s) to CEimpact for approval prior to promoting the activity (web-based, print, or other).
  9. Submit ACPE accreditation details at least 30 days prior to the live or release date of the activity (ies). Submissions received within 30 days will receive a rush fee of $750.

CEimpact Responsibilities:

  1. Provide instructions, forms, and a timeline for submission of all documentation and educational materials.
  2. Review and provide feedback on learning objectives, activity content, and post-assessment.
  3. Assist Customer in complying with ACPE Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education. While the Customer agrees to comply, CEimpact retains final responsibility for compliance with all Standards.
  4. Provide CPE accreditation through ACPE for pharmacists and/or pharmacy technicians as agreed and assign a Universal Activity Number (UAN) reflective of the joint provider arrangement.
  5. Coordinate CPE credit fulfillment on the CEimpact system (LMS), including post-assessment and course evaluation.
  6. Provide information to the customer to distribute to learners on how to obtain their CPE credit.
  7. Provide electronic copies to learners through the CEimpact LMS upon CPE credit fulfillment.
  8. Submit CPE information to CPE Monitor in real-time. Processing by CPE Monitor may take up to 24-hours.