Sharpen Your Skills: Essential Injection Technique Education for Patients

Everything pharmacists and pharmacy technicians need to know about teaching patients with diabetes about safe needle use.

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Insulin Administration Errors are one of the Nation’s Biggest Threats to Patient Safety

  • Insulin has been associated with more medication errors than any other type or class of drug. 
  • Insulin is the leading drug involved in harmful medication errors.
  • It represents 16% of all medication error events with reported harm.
  • Injection technique, needle size, and needle reuse are significant factors that contribute to managing positive therapeutic outcomes for diabetic patients. 

Institute for Safe Medication Practices. ISMP Guidelines for Optimizing Safe Subcutaneous Insulin Use in Adults. Published May 2017. Accessed July 12, 2024.

Be Part Of The Solution

That’s why CEimpact partnered with ambulatory care and diabetes expert, Dr. Stephanie Bellows, to create education on proper injection techniques.

Gone are the days when we could rely on what we learned in pharmacy school or on the job training for up-to-date diabetes management.  

Our practice is rapidly changing and the management of diabetes, especially proper injection technique, needle management, and patient safety, are no exception.

Join us as we take you through a 1-hour CE on current gold standards for educating your patients on proper injection technique.

During this training, you will learn to:

Teach patients safe and effective needle injection techniques.

Understand and prevent common injection errors.

Empower patients to follow evidence-based diabetes guidelines. 

Eliminate misinformation regarding safe needle use and injection techniques.

Describe common injectable diabetes medications and their correct administration.

Break down barriers of diabetes education and improve high quality access to care.

Meet Our Faculty Expert

Stephanie is a native of Jacksonville, FL. After attaining a PharmD from Mercer University in 2016, she continued to complete a PGY-1 Community Residency with Medicine Mart in South Carolina. Then she completed a PGY-2 in Ambulatory Care with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Her next four years were spent back in North Carolina, this time working in a rural setting in Lumberton where she served as a clinical pharmacist. In this role, she conducted Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, worked under a collaborative practice agreement for chronic disease state management, led local Covid vaccine efforts, and managed the specialty mail order side of the business as well. From there, she moved to Arizona where she is now expanding her scope through working with oral oncology medications at Banner MD Anderson. In this role, she also collaborates with providers to assist patients in chronic disease state management. She is currently board certified in ambulatory care and a certified diabetes educator. 

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