Advance Your CGM Knowledge Today!

Pharmacy and Continuous Glucose Monitoring:

The Sweetest Pairing

Be the expert in CGM management and the “go to” trusted healthcare provider for your patients with diabetes.

Did You Know?

  • The US spends more than $400 billion on diabetes care per year.
  • Medical costs for diabetes continue to increase despite the advances in medication therapy.
  • Technology, such as CGMs, is helping alleviate the financial burden and increase the quality of life for persons with diabetes.

That’s why we partnered with diabetes, wellness, exercise, and nutrition experts to create the Pharmacy and Continuous Glucose Monitoring: The Sweetest Pairing.

With this training, pharmacy teams can help patients achieve better health outcomes, enhance quality of life, and add revenue streams to their clinical practice.

Expand Your Expertise

CGMs are increasingly a gold standard tool for superior management of diabetes. To control symptoms, minimize patient harm, and improve outcomes, CGMs should be implemented as early as pre-diabetes diagnosis (or even before diagnosis, really!) occurs.

Our expert-level course is a tailored online program designed to support and empower pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to establish themselves as CGM experts.

We'll guide you in developing your expertise in CGM usage so you can be recognized as the “go to” healthcare provider for diabetes education and blood glucose management. 

Here's What You Get

There are seven in-depth modules designed to elevate your knowledge of CGM and diabetes management.  

Module 1 - Sweet Performance: CGM System Functionality and Review of CGM Data

Focus on current recommendations for the utilization of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices and their significance in diabetes management.

Module 2 - Sweet Opportunities: Selection and Management of Patients Using CGM 

Review criteria for selecting patients suitable for CGM and compare and contrast commonly available CGMs, including features and capabilities.

Module 3 - Sweet Integration: CGM Clinical Service Implementation  

Review the step-by-step plan on how to implement CGM services into your practice.

Module 4 - Sweet Connections: CGM for Remote Patients 

Learn the principles of remote patient monitoring (RPM) and how CGM integrates with telehealth visits and RPM.

Module 5 - Sweet Choices: Nutrition & Weight Management for CGM Patients

Discuss the relationship between dietary patterns, insulin sensitivity, weight management, and metabolic health as they relate to CGM management.

Module 6 - Sweet Movement: Physical Activity for CGM Patients 

Learn the clinical components of CGM monitoring as it relates to physical exercise.

Module 7 - Sweet Balance: Prioritizing the Well-Being of CGM Patients 

Review critical components of integrating physical, emotional, and mental well-being into daily CGM routines. 

Be The Bridge.

Fill The Need.

Change Diabetes.

When You Complete this CGM Training, You Will Be Qualified To:

  • Provide high quality & gold standard diabetes care
  • Provide diabetes technology education & training
  • Individualize your practice & create standard CGM processes for glucose monitoring
  • Distinguish yourself as an expert in CGM management
  • Add services to support more patients
  • Diversify your clinical revenue stream
  • Minimize the healthcare burden of diabetes in the United States
  • Meet Your Faculty Experts

    Christie Schumacher
    Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Director, PGY2 Ambulatory Care Residency Program Midwestern University College of Pharmacy
    Jennifer N. Clements
    Clinical Professor and Director of Pharmacy Education University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy
    Bianca Daisy-Bell
    PharmD, BCACP
    Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services SEMO Rx
    Nicole Gorsuch
    PGY1 Pharmacy Resident L&S Pharmacy
    Bridget Dolan Teschke
    PharmD, BCACP
    Clinical Pharmacist Northwestern Medicine
    Amy Wainright
    PharmD, BCACP, BCGP
    Clinical Pharmacist Specialist University Of Chicago Medicine
    Lyndi Mies
    MHSc, RDN, LDN
    Senior Clinical Regional Dietitian Weis Markets, Inc.
    Kelly Sklanka
    PharmD, CDCES
    Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice Wilkes University Nesbitt School of Pharmacy
    Mark Smith
    PharmD, CDCES
    Pharmacist UAB Hospital
    Ian Haywood
    PharmD, BCPS, CDCES
    Clinical Pharmacist Baptist Memorial Hospital
    Bela Patel
    PharmD, NBHWC
    Founder and Pharmacist Health coach Wholistic Pharmacist

    Be The Difference In Diabetes Management

    By practicing the same way we have for many decades, we are not taking practical steps to help patients achieve their most positive health outcomes. When this happens, quality of life decreases, and mortality and the costs associated with diabetes continue to rise.  

    Every pharmacist and pharmacy technician should be up to date on CGM management. Whether your practice is in the community or acute care setting, advancement in CGM technology is applicable to all patients.  

    Financial support was provided through an educational grant from Abbott Diabetes Care.