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Elevate your entire team's professional development with our exclusive team solutions. Designed to meet the unique needs of pharmacy teams, our memberships and advanced trainings offer a comprehensive solution to enhance clinical skills, foster collaboration, and boost productivity. Equip your team with unlimited access to our diverse library of courses, advanced trainings, live CE, and engaging podcasts, empowering them to stay at the forefront of the profession.

Why Choose CEimpact?

The ideal solution for all pharmacy education and training needs

CEimpact is a dedicated education company that enriches the skills and knowledge of your pharmacy teams. We bridge the gap between foundational education and practical application, helping pharmacists and technicians design and advance their careers. Our comprehensive educational solutions cater to every aspect of pharmacy practice, from meeting licensure and recertification requirements to enhancing skills and knowledge in specialized areas. We ensure your team is always ready to provide safe, effective, and impactful healthcare services

Our Solutions Are To Your Learning Needs

At CEimpact, we offer a wide range of courses, memberships, and advanced certificates to meet your unique learning needs.

Our By Design™ CE Memberships provide lifelong learning opportunities, meeting licensure and recertification requirements for Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, and Preceptors.

Our Impact Courses are designed to enhance your practice and career, with subjects ranging from Immunization and Test and Treat to Risk Management to Regulatory Compliance and Inventory Management.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our Commitment

We are committed to Lifelong Learning. We know pharmacy constantly evolves and requires continuing education. We believe in Impact, driving positive change in healthcare practices and patient outcomes through top-tier education. Excellence underlines all we do, as we strive to deliver the highest quality content, service, and experiences to our clients. Collaboration is central to our approach; we work closely with our clients, understanding their needs and goals to offer tailored solutions.

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Catering To Large and Small


At CEimpact, we recognize that every business, regardless of its size, plays a vital role in healthcare delivery. From independent community pharmacies to expansive hospital systems, we believe each deserves access to superior education and training resources. Our flexible learning solutions are designed to accommodate organizations of all sizes and structures. For smaller businesses, we offer curated learning paths that build crucial skills without overwhelming resources. For larger organizations, we provide extensive, customizable training modules that can effectively scale and integrate with existing learning and development strategies. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and offer a personalized approach, ensuring that every team, big or small, receives the optimal educational experience to elevate their practice and enhance patient outcomes.

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