6.5 hours CE Advanced Training

Pharmacy and Continuous Glucose Monitoring:

The Sweetest Pairing

Providing knowledge, skills, and resources for pharmacists to establish and operationalize a successful continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) service for patients.

CGMs have emerged as essential tools for managing diabetes

Pharmacy-led education and monitoring programs can be an effective means of management (and potential source of revenue)!

Empower Your Pharmacy Team To:

Provide personalized glucose monitoring and management.

Improve patient outcomes through continuous patient engagement.

Capitalize on their role as accessible healthcare hubs.

Reach underserved populations and bridge healthcare gaps.

Expand their scope of practice and deliver comprehensive patient care.

Create new revenue stream through service provision and device sales.

Alleviate the burden on prescribers.

Support collaborative care models and work as an interprofessional team member.

Challenges for Prescribers and Patients:

  • Access related to SDoH
  • Gaps in Education/Knowledge among healthcare providers
  • Cost/Payer Considerations
  • Patient Readiness
  • Meet Your Faculty Experts

    Financial support was provided for this course through an unrestricted educational grant from Abbott.